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Restoration and Development

     In 1938, deteriorated farm outbuildings and the rear shed portion of the house were removed. In the 1960s, James Hubbard sketched the farm layout as he remembered the farm growing up in the 1890s. Using this sketch as a guide and salvaging logs from old tobacco barns and a cabin, several log outbuildings have been reconstructed, including the blacksmith shop, spring house, double sided corn crib and the corpse house. To complete the restoration, structures to be constructed include the rear shed portion of the house,

smokehouse/granary, wash house and the outhouse (referred to on the sketch as “garden house”). The farm house and large, ca.1846 multi-pen barn are in excellent condition, but some restoration is required. All of the farm structures will be protected with the installation of an aluminum roof, simulated as a wooded shake roof to give the farm its authentic colonial appearance. A black locust, split rail fence will contain a limited number of farm animals and landscaping, related to screening and thinning of wooded areas, is needed.


     Reception Center: One and one half acres, adjoining the farm and with road frontage on Hwy 18, was recently purchased to provide a new farm access and expanded parking area. The additional acreage will also enable the log construction of a student orientation and teacher development center. The center, with rest room facilities, will be built on top of and perpendicular to the Old Burke Road, allowing a dramatic pathway entry to the farm.


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