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  • Problem-solving lessons empowering students to develop their own solutions
    to common problems experienced in the 18th and 19th centuries such as milling grain and removing stumps to prepare farm land.
    The Pounding Mill on Gin Branch at the farm
    provides an excellent lesson on kinetic energy, force,

    economics, and engineering.

  • Team activities requiring students to work together
    to plan each aspect of a community event such as
    a barn-raising or funeral. This activity will
    incorporate estimating the materials and labor
    needed; managing time and resources; and
    researching customs and techniques.

     Foothills Heritage Farm is developing a project to enable the site, The Old Place, to be used as an outdoor classroom. Project-based materials for use in the classroom and on the site are being planned to provide students with an increased quantity and quality of experiences in an outdoor learning environment. Lessons will integrate the history of the area with requirements of Common Core and Next Generation Standards, along with 21st Century Skills and include the work with

primary source materials.

     Our intention is to develop content addressing all

discipline areas, particularly math, language arts, social

studies, and science including agricultural lessons. The

Old Place Project offers a unique perspective that speaks

to the educational and developmental needs of students

as well as workplace skills required in today’s society.

Research shows that project-based learning and

place-based educational models improve students

understanding of the disciplines as well as their

problem-solving, collaboration skills, and other critical thinking proficiency. Students who learn science, technology, and math through problem-based learning, for example, report they find it more engaging than traditional instructional techniques.

Examples of the learning experiences that we are planning include the attached lessons and:

  • Hands-on activities allowing students to use math and physics as they practice the building techniques
    and engineering solutions employed by our ancestors.For example, the property’s main building features a Fieldstone Chimney and the German-influenced Half Dovetailed Notch log wall technique. After learning the math, physics and artisanal aspects of these two techniques, students will employ their skills to plan
    and construct a model of a chimney and a wall.

Lessons will be available on planting and maintaining school gardens and orchards.

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