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Non-Profit Formation

The corporate mission is to develop, manage and preserve on the Benjamin Hubbard farm, an

innovative, placed based education campus providing an interactive and rewarding field trip experience, designed to engage middle school children in the agrarian life and values of pioneer farm families.

Our Mission
Friends of the Farm

     The Foothills Heritage Farm, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non- profit corporation established to restore and preserve

the historic, Benjamin Hubbard farm for the benefit of regional school children. Located near Moravian

Falls in Wilkes County, North Carolina, the 22 acre farm is subject to a Blue Ridge Conservancy easement

allowing farm restoration, but preventing any other development or use of the property. The Benjamin

Hubbard house, ca 1778, is one of the oldest structures in North Carolina and is on the National Register

of Historic Places.


Non-Profit Statement

Adele Grey

Aleck Hurt

Amy Miller

Andrew and Caroline Czerkawski

Ann Carter

Anne Braswell

Blue Ridge Engineering, LLC

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